Chicago: Lost where have I been

2017 has already proven to be one of those years that I’ll never forget….ever. I’ve neglected my first love, writing. I started this site as a blog about 5 years ago. I remember the passion, dedication and love I had for my “baby”. Yes, my blog was my baby. It was mine. A place where I can talk about everything I am passionate about and have a community of loyal readers who had the same passions. I am back and major changes are underway! But first, let me fill you in on the last 6 months.

I fell in love. I wasn’t even looking for it. It just happened. Those of you who have followed me through out the years know that finding love wasn’t anywhere near my radar. I was too focused on my education, growing up, living an adventurous life and quite frankly, I was too selfish to even think about sharing things with anyone! But, it happened out of left field. It was the first time I was ever in love. I never felt these feelings before. It was beautiful, like a fairy tale. It also was the most painful thing I’ve ever felt. If you haven’t guessed it yet, the love didn’t last. After five beautiful months together, we broke up. When you are suffering from a broken heart, you literally feel pain in your chest. It’s something I don’t want to feel again but this relationship has brought me to places I never ever dreamed of. So many things happened during those five months.

For one, I got my second round of Liposuction. I know you’re saying “second round?!”. Yes, I’ve had it done before but I’ll save that for an upcoming post about my liposuction journey.

I also finally filed the necessary paperwork for my very own business! I have my own office in the bustling River North area of Chicago. It’s so cute! Took me over a month to set up, but I love it. I’ll save the in-depth decor and nature of business for a later post but, heres a sneak peak! Let’s just say the Luxebeau is going to become a bigger player online and have multiple sister sites! Luxe Lifestyle Media has been born! I also want to take the time to introduce our newest & first employee, Chloe Gianmarco! She will be helping me keep content fresh and updating Luxebeau’s social media accounts.


So now that I got the major news out of the way, lets get down to the little things. For one, Luxebeau will still to cover Chicago’s fashion, social and lifestyle scene! Chicago has really become home to me and I am happy on this new adventure Luxebeau is going down. Don’t worry, all the beauty, cosmetic procedures, fashion and lifestyle stuff will still be a huge focus on what Luxebeau covers. I am excited to welcome all the new readers who will count Luxebeau on their source for all things luxury + lifestyle in Chicago!

To all my readers & followers who have contacted me through e-mail, twitter and all other social media thank you so much! I’ve finally gotten everything together and my vision for Luxebeau is as grand as they come! I hope you enjoy the minor tweaks and new content to be published!

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